Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Revised Plan

I really have been neglecting this blog ... not because I don't want to update it, I just haven't had the time due to school work and what not. It's clear that I'm a long way behind and a heck of a lot has happened since I last posted, let alone since the time that I was last writing about on here! I really apologise for this, must seem pathetic!

So, in order to save this blog from potentially full neglection, I have a slightly revised plan from my old one which will hopefully allow me to get up to date relatively quickly and get those readers of this that hopefully still follow this interested once again. Below is the plan in order of how it will be done:

1) Finish all Monthly Reviews up until November unless finished before November, all monthly reviews will be far shorter

2) The two posts that I planned to reserve for my experiences with the mega rare White-winged and Black Scoters will now be included in part of a mini series of posts called 'Mega Occasions 2011' which will also include an account of my experiences with the Sandhill Crane that was recently in Aberdeenshire.

3) Write up the trip report which I've started on my trip to Islay and Mull in July with the same format as last year's Fair Isle trip (as a tabbed page).

This plan will recommence from in the next couple of days. Once again, many apologies for the complete lack of updates. I am hoping this blog can back up on its feet, and I'm going to have a policy not to write so much unless I've had a really special birding day. For now, bare with me. Hopefully my image of the Sandhill Crane in my title picture will provide some interest in the mean time...

Thanks for reading,