Latest Sightings

The following are only the most notable birds I have seen in the last couple of months of birding (strictly in Britain).  Birds are coloured coded on rarity status as follows, common birds are not included unless noteworthy for time of year.

  • Green = Uncommon/Noteworthy for Time of Year/Speciality or Rare Breeder
  • Blue = Scarcity (within Scotland/UK)
  • Orange = Rarity
  • RED = MEGA Rarity

Isabelline Shrike - 'Daurian' Shrike at Dunwich Heath, watched for 15 minutes or so as it flew from gorse to gorse on the heath and seen well when perched. Insane twitch and a belter of a bird!

Great Grey Shrike - One seen well at Waxham, E Norfolk (14/10/11),  one briefly at Warham Greens (13/10/11)

Short-eared Owl - One heading out to sea at Links Road, Lowestoft (14/10/11), 3 at Titchwell (1 in off sea, 2 out to sea, 13/10/11),  one at Strathbeg Lagoon on 3/9/11

Great White Egret - Self found at Titchwell, 13/10/11. First seen at great distance with Spoonbills and Little Egrets towards Thornham/Holme, dipped into creek and out of view for half an hour then flew closer, landing by Little Egret for two minutes before flying southeast towards Choseley. 

Spoonbill -  3 at Titchwell, 2 in distance towards Thornham/Holme and one east overhead on 13/10/11

Yellow-browed Warbler - One briefly in willows opposite Links Road car park, Lowestoft 10/10/11, one seen well at Holkham 16/10/11

Woodchat Shrike - juvenile seen very well on brambles at Links Road car park, Lowestoft, Suffolk (10/10/11-14/10/11)

Semipalmated Sandpiper - Juvenile showing well from Fisherman's car park with Dunlins and Curlew Sands at Ythan Estuary (1/10/11)

BLACK SCOTER - drake briefly at Blackdog (24/9/11)

Pectoral Sandpiper - 2 from Visitor Centre at Loch of Strathbeg (24/9/11)

SANDHILL CRANE - Adult, seen on 22nd and 24th September. First seen by staff at Strathbeg but then disappeared, when re-found by my Dad and I later on at Gowanhill junction on the road to Fraserburgh on Cairnbulg. Here it favoured a stubble field where it was watched on 22nd and 24th. Roosted at Strathbeg, saw it during the day here on 24th. On 24th managed two shots of it flying right over my head! An unforgettable bird, the first for mainland Britain and 4th ever in UK.

Scaup - Two drakes at Meikle Loch on 18/9/11one on 24/9/11, one on 29/9/11

Little Stint - One at Cairnbulg 24//9/11, a flock of 9 at Strathbeg Lagoon on 9/9/11, one on 3/9/11 in " "

Curlew Sandpiper - At least 25 at Strathbeg Lagoon on 3/9/11, 8+ at Ythan Estuary on 9/9/11, 2+ at Ythan 24/9/11, 5+ at Ythan 1/10/11

Merlin - 3 juvs - one at Strathbeg Lagoon 3/9/11, one nr. Whinnyfold 18//9/11, one at Cairnbulg 24/9/11

Brent Goose - 2 at Strathbeg Lagoon (3/9/11)

Black Guillemot - 37 on sea off Rosehearty nr. Fraserbrugh (3/9/11)

Little Egret - 2 on Ythan on 20/8/11 and one on 25/9/11

Wood Sandpiper - 2 at Strathbeg in August and early September (13/8/11 + 3/9/11)