Saturday, 9 July 2011

Plan For Getting Blog Up To Date + Changes to Blog

Hello all, I'm very sorry for the complete lack of posts on this blog recently, I've had exams and on top of that have now embarked on my Higher (equivalent of A-level) courses which has already required a lot of me. Consequently I've been inundated by work and unable to have much time to update this blog.

As to be expected from the lack of posting, I have a lot to catch up on as I've been birding regularly whilst not writing this at all. At the moment I am still to write my brief trip to Norfolk back in April! Once that's done, I have the rest of April and the whole of May and June to account, plus any other birding days from this point onwards! I certainly have a lot to do, but due to it being the summer holidays I will do my best to get the blog up to date as soon as possible. Below is my basic plan of how I'll get about getting up to date with this blog.

1. Finish writing up Norfolk trip

2. Write a 'Rest of the Month' review for April

3. Write Monthly Reviews for May and June (excluding days in which I saw White-winged Scoter and Black Scoter locally, which will get their own post)

4. Write a special post accounting the events behind seeing White-winged Scoter and Black Scoter off Blackdog/Murcar

5. Write up a trip report on my upcoming trip to Islay and Mull in the same format as last year's Fair Isle trip (as a tabbed page).

My aim is to be up to date within just over a month. I can't promise that will happen, but I'll do my best! Writing up my upcoming trip to Islay and Mull in page format (like the Fair Isle trip report) will be of great assistance to me as it means I can write up all the monthly reviews and local days alongside writing the trip report, thus enhancing the speed of getting the blog up to date. I am determined to get up to date as I don't want to let this blog go like my old one. I will commence with the above plan in the next couple of days, any comments and feedback would still be much appreciated even though I will very likely be posting at a quick rate. If you wish to keep up with my latest sightings whilst I attempt to get up to date, please click the tab marked with this name below the blog's title photo.

NOTE: On top of the creation of this plan, I have decided to make 'Tabs' to contain my trip reports and yearly reviews respectively, each containing links to all previously written trip reports and yearly reviews. For all trip reports, click on the tab 'Trip Reports' under my title photo. Do the same for yearly reviews on a tab marked 'Yearly Reviews' . To read the trip reports or yearly reviews copy and paste one of the several links given into your address bar. Recently completed trip reports or yearly reviews will appear as seperate tabs from the 'Trip Reports' and 'Yearly Reviews' tabs for a certain amount of time until they too appear as links within those tabs.

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  1. Hi Joseph - have added you to my blogroll
    Cheers, Marcus

  2. Hi Marcus,

    Thank you very much, as a token of gratitude I have added your blogroll to my blog list. Your photos and birding experiences are truly sensational and I will be keeping up with your blog on a regular basis.

    All the Best,


  3. Hey Joseph
    You are not the only one that needs to be updated. Because of my computer crash, i was 2 months without being able to write anything in my blog either. But begin updating the blog this week. I hope to hear good stories in your blog soon, take care!